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What is a review article and where do I get one?

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Research Bar

Research Bar (Photo credit: Rice-Aron Library)

There is a sea of research publications out there. Might seem overwhelming to start research in a new area or simply catch up with current trends in a particular field. A good starting point are research articles. These are compilations of  works on a specific topic, field or discipline. Relevant and recent articles are preferred and the value added from this type of publications is the structure and comprehensiveness of the materials.

A review article is the perfect place to glance at the state of art of your discipline, find interesting research questions or quickly gather important references such as key publications and authors. Many journals mark these articles, thus making things easier for us users.

If you are looking for scientific publications, you can find review articles with Scopus using the following simple steps:

  1. Type some relevant terms in the search box. Be as specific as possible.
  2. Set document type to “Review”
  3. Add other appropriate filters (dates, disciplines, etc.)
  4. Arrange the results list based on your preferences (No. of citations, date, etc.)
You may need to tune you query up to find the best term combinations. Also, you still need to verify the publication quality and check for similar options in other portals. Finding that key paper is a difficult task, however this sort of publications are extremely useful in giving insight of new or rapidly changing areas.
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