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LaTex: Power combo

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If you still wondering whether you need to use LaTex, take a look at this article . Many websites provide detailed information on how to install and use LaTex, but since I was looking for a concise source, I decided to put here my configuration (one of many), and a simplified step-by-step to get LaTex running. I will focus in what to get, how to install and how to create a simple document from a template in Windows7. You need:

After installing the software, open TeXworks and then File > New From Template > Basic LaTex documents > article. This will open a new document which you must save and then compile by clicking the green button in the toolbar (with pdfLaTex selected in the dropdown). If everything goes fine and after a few lines in the console output the TeXworks viewer will pop out with your output PDF. That is pretty much to it. Sumatra PDF allows you to edit and recompile (in TeXworks) without closing the file which is not the case for other PDF Readers.

When things go wrong…

One common issue with this setup is the use of mismatching versions of MiKTex  and TeXworks templates. This can be easily fixed by accessing All Programs > MiKTex x.x. > Maintenance(Admin) > Update and running the wizard. More on formatting with LaTex and reference use later .


Written by cd

September 13, 2011 at 6:40 am

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